A List of Things You "Have" to Do

Wake up.  Five minutes.  Maybe ten minutes.  (If you’re me, thirty minutes.)
Brush your teeth.  Three minutes.
Wash your face.  Three minutes.
Get dressed.  Five minutes.
Contemplate whether or not these shoes go better with this outfit, or if putting those shoes on would make it seem like you’re trying a little too hard.  Fifteen minutes.
Do your makeup.  Ten minutes. Maybe thirty minutes.  Sixty minutes, if you are extremely dedicated.
Brew a pot of coffee.  Five minutes.
Realize your coffee is terrible and you deserve a treat today.  Two minutes.
Grab a morning Starbucks instead.  Fifteen minutes.
Grumble about traffic on the way to work.  Twenty minutes.
Work day.  Eight hours, give or take.
Lunch break.  Thirty minutes.  Sixty minutes, if you’re lucky.
Mess around on Facebook.  Thirty minutes.
Stop at the store to pick up something for dinner.  Thirty minutes.
Making dinner.  Thirty minutes.
Linger at the cookies aisle of the store, deciding if it’s worth it or not to buy the discounted Halloween oreos.  Five minutes.
Chat with the security guard at work about the weather.  Five minutes.
Remember a stupid thing you said or did today and wish you could go back and change it.  Ten minutes.
Drive home, listening to NPR.  Twenty minutes.
Decide the future of our nation.  Three minutes.

Pennsylvania polls open at 7 AM.  I would recommend getting there early so you don’t have to wait.  Questions? https://www.pa.gov/guides/voting-and-elections.  Now, get out there and do your civic duty!!


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