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How to Celebrate Your 21st Birthday in Quarantine

There is one birthday that people count down to for their entire lives: surrounded by friends and family, taking flaming shots with beautiful strangers, jamming out to the year’s top hits in a nightclub for the first time: the American 21st birthday is a birthday like no other. This year, the uniqueness of the 21st has been taken to a new level, with millions of Americans quarantined in their homes, under stay-at-home orders.  Nightclubs, restaurants, bars, and even museums are closed, and with them the traditional ways to celebrate a 21st birthday. Luckily, I have scoured the Internet to provide for readers the perfect way to celebrate a 21st birthday in quarantine and still have fun! One thing I kept in mind for this list was also the way our birthday actions would impact essential workers.  I tried not to incorporate any ideas that would create unnecessary social interaction or extra work for essential workers.  Fight this pandemic in every way you can!

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